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The Journey of the Sourdough

Shortly after my husband and I were married we were introduced to the wonderful world of sourdough. Not the sour, chewy stuff you get in stores or restaurants, but the real thing. The ancient way of bread making. Before commercial leaveners, like packaged yeast, there were starters. An almost magical way of making bread.

A starter consists of flour and water, mixed together and left out at room temperature to ferment, being "fed" once a day with more flour and water. After feeding for a few days your starter will come alive. At this point you may feel like Dr. Frankenstein and shout with manic glee,  "IT'S ALIVE!" 

And there it is, a beautifully bubbly starter that smells of tangy, yeasty goodness. This gorgeous little thing is the beginning to the Journey of the Sourdough.


  1. You make it sound so good. Where are recipes?

  2. Soon to come! I"m really excited about an English Muffin recipe I've been tweaking. As well as our classic Sourdough loaf and Cinnamon Rolls for the holidays.


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